Żejmo & Siatecki – Company Gadgets

Discover “Żejmo & Siatecki – Company Gadgets” a leader in the broad field of advertising and marketing, focusing primarily on trading in promotional items and their branding. We are the official distributor of renowned international brands, including Reflects, METMAXX, Klio-Eterna, Mister Bags, MAGNA Sweets, ZOGI, MYRIX, Paradox, and Toppoint. For over 12 years, we have been delivering high-quality, original gadgets that help our clients promote their brands. 

Our team consists of enthusiasts who provide not only top-quality products but also professional service at every stage of cooperation. In our assortment, you will find a wide selection of gadgets, from classic pens to modern power banks, perfect as gifts for clients and employees. We continuously expand our range with new, original products that attract attention and remain memorable. 

No matter what industry you are in, with us, you will create a unique promotional strategy that will benefit your company. 

We invite you to visit our online store Gadzeciarze.com. It’s a place where you will find a rich selection of high-quality products as well as inspiration for original gifts and accessories. 

Sales Department

Jędrzej Simiński

tel: +48 537-644-666

email: siminiski@zejmo-siatecki.com

Dorota Czechowska

tel: +48 730-018-094

email: czechowska@zejmo-siatecki.com

Paweł Kamiński

tel: +48 793-305-666

email: kaminski@zejmo-siatecki.com

Krzysztof Żejmo

tel: +48 531-549-312

email: zejmo@zejmo-siatecki.com

Logistics Department

Igor Hajdasz

tel: +48 537-334-666

email: hajdasz@zejmo-siatecki.com

Marta Adamiak

tel: +48 530-362-490

email: adamiak@zejmo-siatecki.com

Paweł Bożejko

tel: +48 575-423-666

email: bozejko@zejmo-siatecki.com