PARADOX is a German brand of unique inverse hourglasses and other products based on the unusual properties of liquids.

Hourglasses and other PARADOX products will amaze every observer by attracting the eye with amazing whirling colored particles, or the effect of a reverse hourglass (sand „pours” / flows upwards) – the extraordinary laws of nature in the service of advertising! Natural, ecological drive. No batteries – no power – no charging – no solar energy.

Each hourglass or other PARADOX products is a durable, high quality product, filled and closed by hand. The materials used are carefully selected and non-toxic.
Depending on the model, the operating time is from 2 to 45 minutes, while accurate time measurement (in the case of hourglasses) plays a smaller role than the originality of the product itself.
Made in Germany.

Żejmo & Siatecki – House of Brands – is an official, authorized distributor of PARADOX products on the Polish market.


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